This Game was produced for the GMTK Game Jam 2021.

The theme for this Jam was: Joined Together. We used this theme by having two sprites, the Avatar and the shadow wolf. 

These sprites were bound by a line renderer, and together made up the full player character. The shadow wolf object was responsible for dealing damage, while the avatar object was responsible for the controls.

Similarly the objects were tied together by the story: Our main character was mourning the soul of their pet wolf, when the wolf's soul was stolen away by slime demons. After retrieving the soul, the two are bound together and must fight their way back out to the overworld.

This Jam was a good challenge, and a lot of fun all round.

Make sure you check the Credits to see third party resources we used.

Install instructions

Download and extract.


GMTK 2021 Game Jam (PC).zip 28 MB

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